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Technik Energie
Energy & Technology

The sun terraces Peja are among the first housing projects in Kosovo, where the self-sufficient energy generation and supply can be guaranteed.

The energy for heat and electricity can be self-sufficient in harmony with nature. Each house has the ability as an option to supply independently analogous to the ecological energy concept, which was developed specially for this project.

Electricity and heat

Each of the townhouses can be equipped with a PV rooftop system and a CO ²-neutral heat generating plant as an option. The heat generation would be guaranteed by the intelligent use of a pellet heating or a heat pump either. Clean and affordable energy supplies are the result of modern, trend-setting technologies. Through the compensation of solar power produced specially then decrease the operating costs of the houses at a low level.

The PV system would feed directly into the grid through a meter. In the house there will be a reference counter for this purpose. The conditions for this are currently being discussed with the energy utility. Due to the high exposure to income 6,000-7,000 kWh/a is expected in the PV system. The consumption will be approximately 5,000 kWh/a, so that, on balance, more is produced than the Townhouse will consume.


The drinking and industrial water demand is covered by the water resources from the mountains on site. The water quality fulfills the highest demands. Along with the modern effluent disposal is ensured a top hygiene and high efficiency of the water cycle.


A sprawling floor heating downstairs preparing a consistently comfortable feeling among the feet.

For home appliances in the kitchen water connections are plentiful and can be arranged according to your needs. Several power outlets spread demand across the rooms furthermore antennas and two phone ports. Thanks to an inlet to the chimney, a fireplace or stove is easily installed.

The standard of the facilities include fiber optic cable as well as a cutting-edge, integrated satellite system.