Lage & Umgebung
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Location & Surrounding

The new urban district is within walking distance to the city center of Peja. The city has not only a breathtaking environment also a varied cultural offer. Entertainment and relaxation offer residents and visitors the local cinema, theater and the city park in the south.

All parcels of the complete property have access to the road network of the quarter. In addition, the roads are designed so that they have connection to the existing road network of the district "Xh Kada" and highway Peja – Mitrovica.

The close proximity to the mountains Bjeshkët e Nemuna, the magnificent view, clean air and good connections to the road network provide ideal conditions for a pleasant atmosphere. In the north, "sun terraces Peja" borders to the surrounding mountains of Peja, in the west located the mountains of Rugova, in the northeastern the district "7 September "and in the southeast the residential complex known as "Xhemal Kada".

Peja has a number of kinder gardens and over fifty different schools. Access to further and higher education is ensured by the "University of Peja". A completely medical care for any kind of treatment is ensured by a large health care center with multiple surgeries. Also, the road network is continuously being expanded. Main roads leading to Pristina and Prizren in the south, a train runs regularly between Peja and Pristina.